Initiated, conducted and written by: Herself, Meghan Farr

A 37 year-old, happily divorced, female presenting for psychiatric evaluation today. Referred by herself after 8 years of parenthood combined with a history of depression; current diagnosis of anxiety and ADHD are mostly managed with medication.

Client states her symptoms were exacerbated after giving birth to her first child and then even more prevalent after her second daughter was born in 2013. Client states she is a licensed therapist and has her own private practice in Indiana – it should be noted that upon this psychiatric assessment it is difficult to imagine that she is a full-functioning adult – with children – let alone a mental health practitioner.

More observation and further assessment should be conducted prior to making a complete diagnosis, but it is evident she presents with ALL SYMPTOMS of being a MENTAL MOM.

Client reports making improvements in her ability to set boundaries with others; has eliminated all negative and/or toxic relationships in her life and has significantly increased her social and interpersonal support system and filled her life with people who truly understand and support her emotionally.

These positive changes gave her the courage to find herself again after so many years of feeling lost in the turbulence of trying to fit into a life she created based on always trying to “do the right thing” yet never feeling truly fulfilled. Now, after sorting out her relationships and feelings, the cognitive distortions and deep rooted, negative beliefs she once had about herself, fueled by people in her life that did not truly value her individuality and what she has to offer the world, are diminishing and she has found that listening to her gut and surrounding herself with people who truly believe she is ok – just the way she is – will get her through just about anything.

She reports her main goal is to be an example to her daughters that one’s life doesn’t have to be SOLELY immersed in your children to be a good parent; that they are individuals with their own spirits, wants and needs. And, succumbing to what others say is the “right way” just because their voice is louder – doesn’t make it RIGHT. She hopes her daughters will pioneer their own paths no matter what others think.

She wants to be an example of a person who believes in herself.

To refrain from getting pulled into other people’s shortcomings and to never take them on as her own, never absorbing or sponging up others’ negativity in hopes of “making it all ok” or at least thinking that if you just try a little harder to be someone other than yourself – maybe you can fill their voids.

To never sacrifice yourself as a scapegoat to conveniently make everything that goes wrong your fault, as to cushion the repeated falls of someone else.

To always be an example of someone who admits her faults, but does not apologize for believing in herself and her ability.

To never be put in her place; she decides her own fate.
To never accept or allow other people to project their own fears and failures onto her.
To be proud of her resiliency and never let anyone portray her as a victim.

Only, as a SURVIVOR.

Client states she would like to continue her journey of self-discovery through a podcast called “The Mental Mom Show” where she will provide a space for discussion and sharing of “What went wrong and how do we make it better?” A platform for her to showcase her vast knowledge of what it feels like when nothing goes according to plan. Like many with ADHD – her brain has executive functioning defecits and she struggles with the very thing required to make parenting a success: PLANNING.

She reported topics on the show will range from birthing NICU babies and developing some mild paranoia to answering the tough questions like:

“What the hell? During my 8 year parenting coma people started butt chugging and eating Tide Pods?”

Then, she will explore parenting philosophies like “Conscious Parenting vs. uhhhhhh Unconscious Parenting?” Montessori or public school? Blending families in a healthy manner, parenting and divorce. “Should we post our children’s photos online or will that cause them to catch a virus?” – (she meant go viral.)

She plans to educate herself on defining social media outlets like Instant Gramming and Chap Snatting. OR Snapping Chats or Tweeting? She wants to know what movies have come out in the past decade? Who the hell is Blake Lively? Why did Beyonce stop wearing pants?

Client stated she will work to solve these mysteries, with listeners (whom she hopes will be contributors), in a group therapy sort of manner.

Client is advised to return in one month for a follow up visit to determine the severity of her primary diagnosis: Mental Mom Disorder, moderate to severe presentation. Until then, she is advised to continue seeking positive social support, go to therapy and KEEP TAKING HER MEDS!

Hi, I’m Meghan Farr and I would like to personally invite you to join me on a journey through this treacherous, yet immensely full-filling voyage.  Grab a life jacket – this could get crazy.